Lancaster County Locations Offer Golden Opportunities

Edgewater Corporate Park 

Bailes Ridge Corporate Park 

Lancaster County, South Carolina provides an ideal location for companies that want to grow and prosper. Besides our area’s low operating and living costs, and access to a highly skilled, productive workforce of 2.3 million within 75 miles, we offer superior connectivity by road, rail, air, and shipping.

Doing business in Lancaster County combines all the advantages of South Carolina’s well-known pro-business climate with the excitement of the Charlotte metropolitan area. Best of all, we can provide plenty of room to grow. Whether you have an immediate need for a single office location or industrial facility, or have a longer-term goal of establishing a campus for your growing company, we’re ready to accommodate you. Commercial and industrial real estate in Lancaster County is among the most competitively priced in the Charlotte Region. Plus, our business-focused local government officials support companies by providing incentives and minimizing the red tape you’ll find elsewhere.

Browse through many of Lancaster County’s prime available sites and buildings. Or, if your company has a specific need, contact us and we’ll be happy to identify locations and/or existing properties that are ready to serve your needs. You’ll find that facility dollars take you a lot farther in Lancaster County!