We’ll help your business find gold in Lancaster County

“Relationships matter and proximity matters. When we get team members face-to-face at the same location, we see exponential productivity," Movement CEO Casey Crawford said. "Despite a contracting mortgage market, we've continued to take market share across the United States and we plan on continuing to grow in 2018 and well into the future. We want as many team members together in Indian Land (Fort Mill) as possible to continue the great work that we're doing.”
Casey Crawford
CEO, Movement Mortgage
“We have very little turnover here at the plant which is very good for us, but when we do have needs we are able to get people from the local community which is very important.  We have a fantastic group of employees.  In general, Lancaster County has been a perfect place for Cooley.  It’s that combination of availability of people, logistical reasons and it’s a perfect fit for us as far as our ability to grow and expand our business here.”
Michael Tropea
Plant Manager, Cooley Group
“In 35 years I’ve managed many factories and manufacturing facilities across different types of industries. This worker, this employee group is the best I’ve ever worked with. They understand and appreciate their jobs, it’s a cooperative workforce, and they are self-managed, self-driven, self-motivated people, who work well as a team. We’ve had no difficulty finding the skill sets we need. We’ve been able to staff the plant with the best people I’ve ever worked with in my life.”
John Wilbert
Plant Manager, Silgan Container